The Contender

The Contender

The Contender

How To Play


Candidates, Welcome to the Presidential Arena!

During your debates, you will combine political arguments from America's history to convince your friends that you are the only one fit to lead the free world.

The Deck

40 Topic Cards

Each card contains a debate topic and a question relating to that topic. Topics include Gun Control, Education, Women, Corporate Handouts and more. Candidates use Argument Cards to respond to the question.

460 Argument Cards

Candidates string together multiple Argument Cards to respond to the topic question, attack opponents, or rally the public to his or her cause. Fill in blank spaces on cards (_______) with the topic on the current Topic Card.

The Rules

1. Setup

Whoever has the most presidential hair is the first Moderator. Everyone else is a Candidate. All Candidates draw 5 Argument Cards.

2. Basic Game Play

The Moderator draws a Topic Card and reads it to the Candidates.

The Candidates to the left of the Moderator responds by playing one, two, or three Argument Cards while reading the bold red text aloud.

Play continues in a circle until each Candidate has played exactly three cards. Candidates who do not play all three at once will take several turns.

Candidates should always hold 5 Argument Cards. Whenever they play one, they can draw one.

3. Winning

At the end of a round, the Moderator awards the Topic Card to their favorite Candidate. That person becomes the new Moderator.

Whoever collects the most Topic Cards wins.

Advanced Game Play

After you've gotten the hang of the game, change the rules so that any Candidate may play at any time, even interrupting others.

Keep in mind that each Candidate still only can play a maximum of three cards, so time your plays well!

Presidential Challenge

Pick two Candidates to debate 1 on 1. The selected Candidates each draw 10 Argument Cards, they will not redraw.

When the Topic is read, Candidates play as many of their 10 cards as they like, whenever they like.

When both Candidates have finished playing by putting down their hand of cards, everyone else votes on who won. The winner stays to take on the next challenger.