The Contender

The Contender

The Contender


Hosting is as easy as American pie. Follow these three easy steps to unite the masses.

Find a Venue

We strongly recommend selecting a public meeting place for your game night. Unless you’re comfortable with a public tweet from us inviting the entire internet to your private home, it’s probably best to choose somewhere like a coffee shop, game store, or park for your event. Bonus points if it’s close to public transportation.

Send us the Details

Fill out the hosting form below with the details of your event. We’ll respond with our official stamp of approval as soon as we can. We’ll need your address to send you a few small treats for the big night, but we’ll keep that information completely confidential.

Create an Event

Once we send our approval, select a date and create a posting on or a Facebook event so everyone can RSVP with ease and invite their friends. This will make it easy for you to communicate with and keep track of your guests efficiently. Email us the link so we can update the schedule and sound the alarm.

Spread the Word

Tweet it, Facebook it, send a smoke signal. Maybe even make a few phone calls. Do whatever you have to do to get the news out to as many of your friends, family, acquaintances, and enemies as possible. Remember, this is a night where even churchgoing granny will be able to sit next to your cousin with the face tattoo without anyone throwing a punch.



Click below to fill out the form with your information. Your address is strictly for us to send you some sweet Contender swag for the night of the game and to thank you for your time. We’ll get back to you faster than Uncle Sam can tame an eagle.